February 24, 2004 @ Emo's, Austin, TX.
(Sweatbox Studio benefit reunion show)


May 2006 @ Austin, TX.
(warm up shor for All Tomorrow's Parties festival)

May 12/13/14, 2006 @ Camber Sands Holiday Centre, East Sussex, England
(as part of The United Sounds of All Tomorrow's Parties festival)

(w/ Mudhoney, Devendra Banhart, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc)

October 20, 2005 @ Emo's, Austin, TX.
(w/ DMBQ, Fatal Flying Guillotines and Camp X Ray, all ages)

(unfortunatly Total Sound Group will not perform)

March 19, 2005 @ Sound On Sound, Austin, TX.
(w/ DMBQ [located on 53rd Street, show starts around 6 pm, free admittance])

August 20, 2004 @ Beerland, Austin, TX.
(w/ Camp X-Ray, This Damn Town [featuring members of the Gospel Swingers]
and The Video Screams)

July 31, 2004 @ Bluebird Theatre, Denver, CO.
(as part of the Mile High Mayhem Scooter Rally)

July 3, 2004 @ Warehouse Party, Austin, TX.
(free admittance)




June, 2006 @ Los Angeles, CA.
(group art show with Russ Pope)

May, 2006 @ 96 Gillespie Gallery, London, England
(group art show with Rich Jacobs)

April 1-30, 2006 @ Trem Azul, Lisbon, Portugal
("Sight On Sound" solo art show)

January 22, 2006 @ New Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood, CA.
("Think that thought, a lot" group art show)

October 7, 2005 @ End of an Ear, Austin, TX.
("Way Up Under the Radar" solo art show)

September 17, 2005 @ Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA.
(art show with Bill Daniel and Vanessa Renwick)

August 6, 2005 @ Camp Fig, Austin, TX.
("Our Friends Are Friends Of Friends" group art show)

July 30, 2005 in Corpus Christi, TX.
("Incitos Civitas" art/music exposition)

July 16, 2005-August 28 @ Yard Dog, Austin, TX.
("The Boxing Show" group art show)

March 17, 2005 @ Clementine Gallery, New York, NY.
("Move" group art show)

January 8, 2005 @ New Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood, CA.
("Move [twelve] - Raw Dogs" group art show)

December 3, 2004 @ Foundation Gallery, Chicago, IL.
("Drawing To An End..." group art show)

November 26, 2004 @ 96 Gillespie Gallery, London, England
("Move [eleven]" group art show)

October 31, 2004 @ Delilahs, Chicago, IL.
(solo art show. Notes: Tim will be DJing in the opening night.)

September 11, 2004 @ Yard Dog, Austin, TX.
(solo art show)