Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog
Format: LP/CD
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 1992
Ref.: SP 129

1. Call My Body Home
2. Angelhead
3. Cold Cold World (with organ)
4. Codine
5. From You
6. Doubled Over Again
7. Great Down Here
8. -intermission-
9. Look Back
10. Bottle Up & Go
11. The Story As I Was Told
12. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me
13. Stop This World
14. I'm Blown


Electric Children
Format: LP/CD
Label: Estrus
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: ES1269

1. Solar Revelations
2. The Empty Place
3. Thirteen Nights
4. Love Is A Spider (R. Loney)
5. In The City Tonight
6. The Weasel's In The Barn
7. Cherry Red (Tony "T.S." McPhee)
8. Bring On The Judgement Day
9. From Now On
10. Around Again
11. Day Trader Shuffle
12. Sugar Man (Jesus Rodriguez)
13. In The Days Of The Five


... And One Really Nervous Guy
Format: LP
Label: Trademark Of Quality
Release Date: 2002
Ref.: TMQ 5400

1. Intro
2. Judgement Day
3. 13 Nights
4. Levitation (The 13th Floor Elevators)
5. Down Here
6. Pusher
7. Sugarman
8. Look Back
9. Weasel
10. Love In Spite Her
11. The World Turns
12. Daze Of The Phive

Info: Bootleg, recorded may 2000, Wembley, London, UK

Gabriel's Horn
Format: CD
Label: Birdman Records
Release Date: Feb 25, 2008
Ref.: BMR-104

1. Low on Air
2. Pray Til You Sweat
3. That's What You Get
4. Gabrie's Horn
5. Black Plastic Tarp
6. Flashy New Dance Steps
7. Crystal Brown Vibrations
8. Levitation
9. Sunnyland
10. Gabrie's Horn (Slight Return)
11. He Stopped Loving Her Today
12. Open Your Arms
13. On Your Arrival

Info: Recorded in Austin, Texas By Bryan Nelson and Mike Vasquez. Mixed by Monkeywrench, Bryan and Mike. Except tracks 3, 11 & 12 Recorded in Seattle, Washington at MoFoCo by Scott LaRose and Joe Newton. Mixed At Avast! by Johnny Sangster and Monkeywrench. And tracks 4 & 10 Composed, performed and recorded according to principles of the Randomised controlled Trials as established in 2002. All songs compiled, edited and dry roasted at Avast! by Johnny Sangster and the Monkeywrench. Mastered by Ed Brooks at LFI, Seattle.

Front cover painting by Tim Kerr
Design by Tim Silbaugh



Bottle Up & Go
Format: 7"
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 1991
Ref.: SP 139

1. Bottle Up & Go
2. Cold Cold World (no organ)
3. Out Of Focus


Solar Revelations
Format: 7"
Label: Trippin' Elephant
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: TERNG-018

1. Solar Revelations
2. L.I.E.S.


Sugar Man
Format: 7"
Label: Estrus
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: ES7149

1. Sugar Man (Jesus Rodriguez)
2. The Pusher (Hoyt Axton)


That Trip Your On
Format: 7"
Label: In The Red
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: ITR 073

1. That Trip Your On (Kerr/Arm)
2. 6:10 Phoenix (Vic Maile)


Split 7" with The Holez
Format: 7"
Label: Gasatanka/Dutch East India Trading
Release Date: 1995
Ref.: DEI 9037-7

1. The Holez: Circle 1 (Germs)
2. Monkeywrench: Shutdown (Germs)

info: Germs tribute. The Holez = Hole + Pat Smear

Split 7" with Immortal Lee County Killers
Format: 7"
Label: Bronx Cheer Recordings
Release Date: 2002
Ref.: 3,000,001 BC

1. Monkeywrench: Levitation (The 13th Floor Elevators)
2. Immortal Lee County Killers: Goin' Down Soth (R.L. Burnside)




Germs (Tribute) A Small Circle Of Friends
Format: CD
Label: Dragnet/Gasatanka
Release Date: 1996
Ref.: dragnet 142/DRA 485441 2

Track: Shutdown (Germs)


The Las Vegas Shakedown!
Format: CD
Label: Masked Superstar Recordings
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: MSR 001

Track: Thirteen Nights


The Estrus Apeshit Rock Sampler Vol. 2
Format: CD
Label: Estrus
Release Date: 2000
Ref.: ES 1275

Track: Empty Place


The Estrus Double Dynomite Sampler Volume 3
Format: CD
Label: Estrus
Release Date: 2002
Ref.: ES 1288

Track: Black Plastic Tarp, Low On Air


Revolution Come 'n' Gone
Format: CD
Label: SubPop Germany
Release Date: May 1992
Ref.: SP 31/186

Track: Call My Body Home


Skate To Hell
Format: 2xCD
Label: Warner
Release Date: 2003
Ref.: Not Available

Track: Solar Revelations


Sub Pop Video Network 2
Format: Video
Label: Sub Pop
Release Date: 1991
Ref.: Not Available

Track: Bottle Up And Go (directed by Charles Peterson)


Superfuzz OST
Format: CD
Label: LowFly Records
Release Date: 25 March 2005
Ref.: LF 061

Track: Love Is A Spider (R. Loney)